Saturday, May 02, 2020

Honoring Healthcare and Front Line Workers

The US Navy Blue Angels F/A-18 Hornet formation
May 2, Washington, DC--The US Navy Blue Angels and US Air Force Thunderbirds performed a flyover the Washington DC area to salute and honor the healthcare workers and other front line workers fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

With the map in hand of their route, the place where they would fly-by three times was near the Lincoln Memorial.  Pre-visualizing the shot desired, the jets flying over The National Mall.  It was a crap shoot of where to go.  The route was not specific thus somewhere near the monuments would be good and having three chances at it!  Was hoping for a tight shot of the formation with the Memorial or Monument. 
The Second Pass
The US Navy Blue Angels and US Air Force Thunderbirds over the Lincoln Memorial
The Last Pass
A special allowance was made to allow the two teams to fly together. 
Equipped with two cameras, one with a wide angle zoom and other with a telephoto zoom, it would be easy to get something.  Found a TV cameraman, thinking standing next to him would be the best location, but he wasn't sure either.  So staying at that place, it was a hope and a prayer to get some shots.  

The first pass was only able to get the jets flying by. Second and third Pass, wide shots with the Lincoln Memorial.  The last shot another wide shot over the National Mall.  Not exactly what was anticipated but some great shots.

As like all assignments, one needs to be prepared.  But be ready for anything to happen.  Document what happens, make the photos that tells the story, and you will have accomplished what you set out to do.  
Flying over the Reflecting Pool. 
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