Thursday, May 07, 2020

Portraits: Formal & Informal

In a short period of time
capture that good expression. 
The purpose of a portrait is to capture the subject in a way that the viewer feels a connection with the person.  And importantly, the one photographed wants to look wonderful. The making of a portrait is a collaborative process between the person and the photographer.  The subject needs to be relaxed, comfortable and confident.  The photographer needs to engage the subject, pay attention to details, and be a master of the craft.  

The straight on portrait for social media use. Shot in horizontal format because 
there might be many uses for the photo and you can easily crop vertical
These images made at the Technical Program Committee meeting of OSA.  A quality of light, capturing an expression are vital in the portrait.  Found a well lit area and used an additional light. We made some formal portraits for about 20 attendees.  During the day, other shots of speakers, group discussions, and informal portraits were done.  The lighting for the other images was only the available light in the conference room.  It was a mixture of several lighting sources.  Thus color balance was fixed in post.
Informal spontaneous portrait
Group discussion
Patience and waiting for the nice moment. 
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