Thursday, March 20, 2014

DC Special Olympics

March 20--Washington, DC--The DC Classic is the end of year tournament for the basketball season for Special Olympics DC.  These are some of the coaches, athletes and officials.

Basketball Referee Joe Mitchell

Photo Notes: Two Wescott Rapid Boxes set up with Pocket Wizards and Nikon D800 Speedlights at 45 degree angles from the camera position.  Sunlight was hitting the basket early.  After sunset another Speedlight was pointed toward the basket.  All the set-ups had to be done within 20 minutes before the start of the tournament.  A quick round up of the subjects and the photos were made.

Basketball Officiating got me involved with Special Olympics.  These are the people who I have officiated basketball with for many years. 

Photographs copyright 2014 Laurence L. Levin
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sean McBride

March 12--Vienna, VA--Client, colleague and friend Sean McBride needed a new executive portrait. This gave me an opportunity to use my new light modification system.   Sean is an experienced strategic communications and organizational management professional.  His website is

Photo notes: This was the first time I used the Westcott Rapid Boxes with my Nikon Speedlite D-800.  Classic 45 degree angle from the camera position.  Luckily didn't need a hair light since some sunlight was coming through the window shades.

Photography Copyright Laurence L. Levin
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