Wednesday, June 11, 2008


June 01--Ocean City, MD--Let's just say it moves, Miss GEICO moves fast skimming the water at speeds close to 200 mile per hour. The seas are cleared and with waves of 2-4 feet trying to deal with the bounce can cause a few problems such as holding the camera steady and getting Miss GEICO in the frame. But with luck and determination it was done. Miss GEICO is built for speed. On a nationwide tour around the country to promote racing and water safety, they are participating in the OPA/GEICO Triple Crown Racing Events.

Racing in the OPA/ GEICO 1st Triple Crown Event in Ocean City, MD

Scott Begovich, Throttles (front row center), Marc Granet, Driver (front row right)and the Miss GEICO crew.

Bryan and Jack

May 31--Fairfax Station, VA--During the Best Buddies Virginia Walk for Friendship, buddy pair Bryan Herbert and Jack Pasalaqua, were able to sneak away from the trail and hang out by the lake. Matched as buddies for several years, they have developed a loyal friendship. Each has learned from each other, that some people may have a disability but we all have abilities, a talent and skill that one can do better than anybody else. Best Buddies brought and nourished this friendship, as well as thousands of others throughout the state of Virginia.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Kate Pierson
May 17--Hyannis Port--The B52s performed at the Audi Best Buddies Challenge:Hyannis Port for over 1000 fans. Their new wave rock provided 90 minutes of dancing and song.

Fred Schneider

Cindy Wilson

Keith Strickland

Boston to Hyannis Port, Best Buddies Challenge

May 17--Boston/Hyannis Port--The one rule of rain is that it won't stop an event and the rain will stop......eventually. Once again, the Best Buddies Challenge started in a drizzle. The desire, determination and will of the 900 riders was not denied. Their spirit and optimism kept the ride going. Miss Teen USA, Hilary Cruz kept the crowd in a positive mood. This ride raised over $2 million dollars to support Best Buddies' mission to enhance the lives of people with intellectual disabilities through friendships and jobs.

Eric Matthes spoke to the crowd about his participation in Best Buddies and the positive influence it made in his life. He rode the 100 mile ride with Best Buddies founder Anthony Shriver.After reaching Hyannis Port, there is a series of Friendship Races. On tandems celebrities ride with a buddy. These races get competitive. Anthony Shriver with Katie Meade streaks past ABC's "The Bachelor" Andy Baldwin with his buddy.
Best Buddies' Founder and Chairman Anthony K. Shriver

The Audi Best Buddies Challenge: Hyannis Port Chairman, New England Patriot's Tom Brady with Best Buddies board member Katie Meade

Monday, June 09, 2008

Asian/Pacific American Heritage

May 13--Washington, DC--Celebrating the contributions of Asian/Pacific American a program sponsored by four United States government agencies provided a program of music, art and education. This lunchtime activity was in the Ronald Reagan Building. The Japanese Choral Society of Washington sang classical as well as contemporary music.

Ms. Kimiko Shimada, direct the chorus.

Dr. Frank H. Wu provided an entertaining and historical perspective of being an Asian American.

Bertand Mao, a renowned calligrapher and ink-brush painter demonstrated his skills
to the crowd.

Quincy Jones

April 23--Washington, DC--What an incredible week, earlier photographing the Pope and now celebrating another legend and humanitarian, Quincy Jones. On the honor of his 75th birthday, Special Olympics threw a party. Quincy has made significant contributions to the Special Olympics Movement. Over a 150 people attended the event in Kalorama.

Special Olympics Athletes, Paul Marretti (Virginia), Quincy Jones, Frank Stephens (Virginia) , Loretta Claiborne (Pennsylvania & Special Olympics International Board Member.

Congressman William Lacy Clay, Jr. Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Quincy Jones, Congressman Patrick Kennedy and Congresswoman Diane Watson

Colin Powell with Quincy Jones


April 19--Yonkers, New York--I got the call, I heard a voice, it was like an angel, "How would you like to photograph the Pope for Best Buddies?" Of course!! "We are trying to arrange two buddy pairs to meet the Pope and we would like you to photograph it." It did sound so easy, fly up for the day, shoot a couple picture and then back to Washington--E A S Y. Well not exactly. Security and the Secret Service closed down and locked everything up. We didn't exactly have the right credentials to get everyone together. A little coaxing and pleading got a parent the buddy into the chapel. All others were allowed to sit in the hallway and watch the monitors. Sometimes you just have to sit it out and be patient. Good things come to those who wait and think on their feet. As the Pope entered the hallway I was able to make a frame of his waving to me. Afterwards, Best Buddies Dean Halvatzis and his peer Buddy Christopher Grocki posed in St. Joseph's Seminary Chapel where the Pope had an audience and blessing for children with disabilities.

Special Olympics Basketball

April 05--Marymount University--You may not know all the names, nor all the teams but emotions and intensity is there. For over 10 years, Marymount University in Arlington Virginia has hosted one of the areas most desired and prestigious tournaments for Special Olympics. To those who officiate the games, this is the most important assignment we have all season.

No matter the level of competition, players try to work the officials. But this discussion has more to do with another topic. Veteran collegiate and Special Olympics World Games official Joe Mitchell and Chantilly Alumni player Michael Abraham take the time to get to know each other and develop a real friendship. Of all the levels we work, Special Olympics is the most rewarding and satisfying, pure athleticism and exciting games to watch and work.

2008 Cherry Blossoms

April 02--Tidal Basin, Washington, DC--The annual early morning trek to capture the cherry blossoms occurred after the clock change. Thus it wasn't as painful to wake up before the sun. Although, there were a couple days before that I did wake up early only to discover complete overcast skies. This year was more of a shoot and run expedition. All three national morning television shows were broadcasting and hundreds of school children were out. So the tranquil quiet of past years was not available. The light was spectacular this year, warm light on the blossoms early and vibrant light a few minutes later. ......