Friday, August 14, 2020

The Freelancing Life: Getting the Assignment and Lessons Learned

The studio where it happened.  Safety first. 

The destiny of freelancing is you never know the type of opportunities that will present themselves.  You will receive a phone call or email asking, “would you be interested in……”? You need to figure out: can I do it?  If yes, the next question is when can it get done?  This scenario is even more gratifying when it is a referral from someone in your network. 

Recently, I did have this situation presented to me.  An entrepreneur was working on a start-up company.  She produced a clothing line incorporating smart technology fabric with antimicrobial technology. The assignment was to photograph her models in the various clothes and product shots.  Her models were her friends with not much modeling experience.  

All had to be done soon with a quick turnaround of images with post-production.  No doubt a lot of work, plus done on her limited budget.  Oh, and I had to “model” for the video that was produced.  

There is no better feeling than when you can help someone to achieve their goal.  Especially, getting on the ground floor of a worthy business.  The shoot was great, fashion isn’t something I usually do, but the skills from what I have done made this work.  Although, the models were inexperienced, we made it fun and their enthusiasm shows in the photos.  

The client was excited with the final images.  The photos are used on the Instagram feed, website, Kickstarter, catalog, Facebook, and anywhere else to promote the brand.  

Lessons learned:

1.     Karma is a good thing, even if you don’t get your usual fee, when you help a start-up, you never know what possibilities can happen.

2.     Meeting new people and sharing your network helps your business grow.

3.     Take on something new, use your experience to enhance your skill set.

4.     It’s about the experience, make it fun and interesting for yourself and all the participants. 

5.     Share what you know.  Teaching is a lifelong passion that enhances everyone around you.  



Here are several of the images from the shoot.  


A composite image of the 5 models 
Adriana and Saliho

Adriana & Noah




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