Friday, August 13, 2021

Tom Brady & Best Buddies 20 Years of Friendship

Tom Brady participating in Best Buddies Events

Tom Brady.  His name conjures greatness, both on and off the football field.  Since 2003, Brady’s commitment to Best Buddies has been unrelenting.  He has devoted his time and energy to promote the greatness of individuals with disabilities.  
As an Honorary Co-chair of the Best Buddies Challenge: Hyannis Port, Tom organized and participated in the annual Tom Brady Football Challenge, a tag football game that included Buddies, Patriot teammates and celebrities for a fun yet competitive event.   Additionally, he rode in the bike ride, signed autographs, handed out awards, met with donors, and did everything he could to promote the Best Buddies mission.
Tom’s involvement helped to raise over $20 million dollars, which in turn help to raise awareness in the Best Buddies mission to provide opportunities for people with special abilities.  

Tom Brady and Katie Meade

As the Best Buddies Official Documentarian, I had the privilege and opportunity to photograph Tom and his participation with Best Buddies.  He was paired up with Katie Meade and over the years they developed a wonderful friendship.  When they were at events together, you could feel the true bond.  Additionally, Tom gave his full attention to all the Buddies he connected with.  Best Buddies couldn’t ask for a better advocate and friend.  

Photo Notes:  Two reasons why to hire a professional photographer:

1. There were sixteen years of photos taken with Tom at Best Buddies events.  All the images were stored and cataloged as well as backed up on additional hard drives.  Within a few hours, I was able to find all the images of Tom.    I ended up choosing over 300 images from the thousands of photos taken. Each picture had meaning and told the story of Tom’s involvement.  This is why professional photographers are vital for your communication team.  They make photos with meaning, they catalog and store their images and when you are in a pinch, they can find the images for you.  

2. Professional photographers use high end equipment, so that you have quality images.  Through the years, these images were made with Nikon Digital Cameras.  

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