Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Patches 2012

Fall 2012
Dumbarton Oaks
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Best Buddies Challenge--DC

The start of the BBC walk. 
October 20, 2012 Washington, DC--Over 1400 people participated as riders, runners and walkers to raise over $1.4 million for Best Buddies.  This is the third annual Audi Best Buddies Challenge.

Photo notes:
Covering these events for a long time, I try to find something different and capture the essence of the day.  There is so much going on, it is important to isolate and find situations that show faces.  People make this day special.  Find people and make them comfortable in front of the camera and find moments amongst all the action going on to make the activities unique.  

Students from Best Buddies Virginia chapters Yorktown and Marshall High Schools. 
Olympic Gold Medalist Carl Lewis with Best Buddies from Virginia.
Everyone can participate.
"Glee" TV show star Lauren Potter with 94.7 Fresh FM Radio Personality Tommy McFly 
Anthony Shriver with a criterion rider. 
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nicklas Backstrom and GEICO

"I think you'd call it a Splinter"  Capital's Nicklas Backstrom featured in GEICO's NHL Commercial.  
October 10-11, 2012--Arlington, VA--DCP Productions  producing three GEICO NHL Commercials with NHL Capitals Nicklas Backstrom.  The title of the three spots: Splinter, Lord Stanley and "15"

Photo notes:
Working on a film set is exciting but does have its limitations.  My job is to document everything that happens.  These images are used for publicity, promotion, gifts and hopefully picked up in a print ad.  Sometimes during the shoot, the director will check the framing with my camera to get ideas.  Thus I need to be nimble and observant.  Working with all the departments, I must be friendly, helpful and stay out of the way!  Being part of a great team, helps me to get the photos they need.  

Director Don Cherel, DCP Productions
In the locker room, Nicklas Backstrom and Lord Stanley 
Lord Stanley, "Nicky I want to share a secret with you." 
It takes a lot of talented and dedicated people to film 3 commercials in 2 days.
 Over 30 professionals worked on this set.  Script supervisor Jane Hampton reviews her notes,
verifies all shots, and records all the details from each take/scene.   
Backstrom helping Backstrom.  NHL star Nicklas Backstrom assists stand-in Aaron Madsen
Director Don Cherel and Nicklas Backstrom review a take from the
15 Goals in 15 Seconds Commercial 
Nicklas Backstrom 

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