Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nicklas Backstrom and GEICO

"I think you'd call it a Splinter"  Capital's Nicklas Backstrom featured in GEICO's NHL Commercial.  
October 10-11, 2012--Arlington, VA--DCP Productions  producing three GEICO NHL Commercials with NHL Capitals Nicklas Backstrom.  The title of the three spots: Splinter, Lord Stanley and "15"

Photo notes:
Working on a film set is exciting but does have its limitations.  My job is to document everything that happens.  These images are used for publicity, promotion, gifts and hopefully picked up in a print ad.  Sometimes during the shoot, the director will check the framing with my camera to get ideas.  Thus I need to be nimble and observant.  Working with all the departments, I must be friendly, helpful and stay out of the way!  Being part of a great team, helps me to get the photos they need.  

Director Don Cherel, DCP Productions
In the locker room, Nicklas Backstrom and Lord Stanley 
Lord Stanley, "Nicky I want to share a secret with you." 
It takes a lot of talented and dedicated people to film 3 commercials in 2 days.
 Over 30 professionals worked on this set.  Script supervisor Jane Hampton reviews her notes,
verifies all shots, and records all the details from each take/scene.   
Backstrom helping Backstrom.  NHL star Nicklas Backstrom assists stand-in Aaron Madsen
Director Don Cherel and Nicklas Backstrom review a take from the
15 Goals in 15 Seconds Commercial 
Nicklas Backstrom 

Photography copyright Laurence L. Levin / DCP Productions.  All rights reserved.  No reproduction rights granted without written permission.

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