Thursday, July 30, 2015

Special Olympics World Games

The Special Olympics Oath

July 25-29--Los Angeles, CA--The Special Olympics World Games held in Los Angeles, for the 7 time, was selected to officiate basketball at the World Games.  My main job was to referee but of course had time to make a few images.  This year I concentrated on making portraits.  
Opening Ceremonies 
The Basketball Officials, local and International Staff
#11 Karl Kangur
#13 Karli Kukk

#15 Alejandro Lopez
#13 Pablo Vasquez

#10 Tatianna Deleg

#9 Fillemon Hoteni
#9 Ann Marie Cooney

#9 Thomas Heimritz
#17 Leonie Hogele
#7 Dan Kella Ramos, Dominican Republic attempts a shot against #13 Siar Toro, Venezuela
Referee Keith Lampel
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