Saturday, November 16, 2019

The Consular Corp College Symposium & Gala

The Consular Corp College Symposium & Gala
Flexibility in the Assignment 

The Consular Corp College has a yearly event that brings together official government representatives known as Consulars.  Each consular serves their nation or region to provide official services, to promote trade and friendship between their government and their post.   
Marie Royce, Assistant Secretary of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, US Department of State

The Symposium and the 50th Anniversary Gala was planned for 3-days.  Many consulars were suppose to attend but because of several political events, attendance was limited, speakers withdrew and a new location was needed for the symposium.  
Astrid Ruggeri, Manager, Outreach and Diplomatic Engagement, BMW Group, (L), Prosser Stirling, Senior Director, Global Development, Oracle (C), and Nicholas Cozensa, Senior Manager, International Government Affairs, AMGEN (R) Moderator: Kit Moss, Director General, CCC

The event changed, the schedule was reduced, attendance was lower and the budget was amended.  So as the photographer I had to be flexible.  Working with the organizer for years,  adjustments were made, the assignment was saved, and important photos were made.  

When working with a client, it is vital to be understanding and adaptable to meet their necessities.  Be accepting and fair when things change.  In the long run, it’s just good customer service.   
50th Gala Celebration Keynote Speaker Senator Chris Van Hollen
50th Gala Celebration
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Friday, November 15, 2019

Video Work

Original Shot at 1080 HD
not all interviews were shot by me

This year, two clients needed some video work.  The first assignment was to conduct testimonial interviews for an award recipient.  Referee Magazine presents a yearly honor for a sports official.  Interviews were needed as testimonials to the honoree.  Five separate sessions were assigned.  Much like a still photo assignment, each sessions had to be coordinated, schedule a convenient time, location found.  But unlike a photograph, audio needs to be recorded and questions need to be asked so that the interviewee can answer in condensed fashion.  There are challenges, each location has its issues as well as finding ways to make the subject comfortable.  Doing video is another dimension that you always have to be on your toes to solve problems and deliver what the client needs.

The second video for the National Guard Youth Foundation is on their home page.  The idea was to make a montage, with each cadet adding one word about their experience with the program.  Working with people not used to being in front of the camera can be interesting.  However, with the right direction it is easy to put people at ease.  With a good editor, the final piece does the trick.  Everyone was satisfied with the result .    View the video.

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