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Tips for Updating Your LinkedIn Profile Photo

Portrait Session

You have heard it many times, your personal photo is a vital asset to your LinkedIn profile. Your photo is the impression you want people to have of you.  We live in a visual society, so quality images are vital. Your portrait should exude confidence, approachability, and friendliness.

 A 'good' photographer knows how to get that feeling out of you. Yet it is a two-way street, your photo session is a collaboration between you and the photographer. You need to feel relaxed during your session. Know your best side, how your smile looks, and your best pose. Let the photographer help you capture your authentic self.  

Finding that photographer is important.  Just like choosing any professional, get personal referrals, view their portfolio, and talk to them.  Do you like what you see in their work?  When talking to them, do you get the confidence they will do a good job for you?  What are their rates and your rights to the photos?  Is it a good deal for you?

The next question is how often should you update your LinkedIn photo and other social media portraits?  There are no set guidelines but a list of considerations you can follow when to decide to change your profile image: 

-A change in your life:

Job promotion, job hunting, career change, newly married, birth of a baby

-A change in your appearance:

Hair style, facial hair, new glasses, change in body (you been working out), weight loss or gain, or any cosmetic improvements.  

-Does your profile image still represent you?  Or you think it just needs to be changed.  

You want a high-quality image that is technically correct; In focus, good exposure, well composed, that shows your best side.  This photo might just be your only chance to make a good first impression. This is true for LinkedIn and your dating sites.   

A nice way to start the new year, post a new photo.  Or at the start of each season, show a new look each spring, summer, fall and winter.  You don’t want to be too obsessive, do what works for you.   

What about your business profile images, and your LinkedIn banner photo?

·      Do you have new services or products to highlight?

·      Celebration of events, business events, or holidays?

·      Feature your company’s mission.

·      Promotion of a charity or cause your business supports.

·      Show you or your staff in action.

The reason to add these photos is to show that a real human is behind your business.  You are personal, caring, and trustworthy; A wonderful characteristic to attract and keep clients/customers.  Additionally, these photos show that your business is improving, and growing, giving your customers the confidence in you.

Quality & interesting photos engages your audience.  The key for your photos, be appropriate to your intended market, be significant and pertinent.  

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