Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Setting up the aisle for the 'encounter'
November 20--Los Angeles, CA--DCP Productions next series of NHL commercials for GEICO.  "Duel" finds two hockey rivals, Washington Capital and New York Ranger, a fan encounter in a grocery store.  See the final product.

Making a commercial is like a magic trick.  Great attention to detail,  always something different and working with outstanding creative and talented people help to make each job succeed.  As the set photographer, I need to work with each department, stay out of the way and make sure I capture the behind the scene production work.  It takes nimble moves, a quick eye and a sense of timing.  It is a test of skills, a bit of patience and a good attitude that makes each of these jobs a terrific experience. 

Behind the scenes of the "crash"
A little film humor
Director of Photography, Andrezj Bartkowiak

Director Don Cherel providing a look to the actor Cherel


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Middle East Institute

Ambassador Susan Rice
November 15--Washington, DC--The Middle East Institute, 67th Annual Conference: Managing Transition, Containing Conflict: The Middle East in 2014.  Held at the Capital Hilton.  A reception with keynote speaker Ambassador Susan Rice the night before.  The second day was filled with panel discussions.

The hotel did a wonderful job of staging the event.  As the photographer for the event, many opportunities are available to move around to get various angles of each subject.  It is vital to provide a different look for the client.  You never know what the client has in mind so it is necessary to give options.  Three Ambassador Rice images from the same stage but three different possibilities.

The same for panel discussions, you have to navigate the microphone, water pitchers and other distractions.  Changing positions, angles and compositions, giving options in the photographic coverage is important.
Ambassador Susan Rice
Ambassador Susan Rice
Khalil Al Anani and Rabab El Mahdi  
Mohsen Milani
Gregory Gause
Mona Yacoubian
Steven Simon 
Ayat Mneina and Mabrouka Mbarek
Ahmed Maher
Photography Copyright 2013 Laurence L. Levin