Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Setting up the aisle for the 'encounter'
November 20--Los Angeles, CA--DCP Productions next series of NHL commercials for GEICO.  "Duel" finds two hockey rivals, Washington Capital and New York Ranger, a fan encounter in a grocery store.  See the final product.

Making a commercial is like a magic trick.  Great attention to detail,  always something different and working with outstanding creative and talented people help to make each job succeed.  As the set photographer, I need to work with each department, stay out of the way and make sure I capture the behind the scene production work.  It takes nimble moves, a quick eye and a sense of timing.  It is a test of skills, a bit of patience and a good attitude that makes each of these jobs a terrific experience. 

Behind the scenes of the "crash"
A little film humor
Director of Photography, Andrezj Bartkowiak

Director Don Cherel providing a look to the actor Cherel


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