Tuesday, April 17, 2007

DC Voting Rights

April 16, 2007.......In the shadow of the US Capitol, thousands of hardy souls, braved the wind and the rain to demand what every US Citizen has...voting represenation in the Congress. Hard to believe, as United State citizens, residents of Washington DC do not have representation in the Congress nor the Senate. Seems unfair and unamerican! Please write your senators and congressmen urge them to give all US Taxpaying Citizens full representation and rights, just like every other American. Find your represenatives and your senator

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Cherry Blossoms at the Tidal Basin

Monday, April 2 was suppose to be the peak of the Cherry Blossoms. Eighty degree weather during the previous weekend caused the earlier than expected sprouting. The sunrise time of 6:52am was easier to handle than last year. Michelle was suppose to join me in this photo excursion but she set the time on her alarm but did not turn the alarm on. This day was a bit hazy. The near full moon was hidden behind clouds, but the sun eventually burned it off and the Cherry Trees were spectacular. However they were short lived this year. Two days later cold weather and eventually snow shorten their lives.

Workout With Wylie

Biggest Loser contestant and winner, Mark Wylie brought his enthusiasm and encouragement to Best Buddies Maryland to share his passion of good health through exercise. Sponsored by First Financial Group, over 200 people joined in the exercises at the Du Burns Arena, the practice facility of the Baltimore Blast soccer team. The Biggest Loser Maryland contestant Amy Hildreth exercises with a Best Buddies Family.

Baltimore Blast soccer star, Cristian Neagu dances to an Elvis Presley beat with a Buddy Pair.

Marty Wolff, The Biggest Loser's Missouri contestant shows proper techniques to a Buddy participant.

Mark Wylie with his new buddies.

Baltimore Blast Soccer star Giuliano Celenza and his newest fans.

Amy Hildreth, Marty Wolff, Mark Wylie and their new friends.

Blue Dot II

The second day of the Blue Dot TV commericial production by DCP Productions. A cold home is only a fantasy when you have Blue Dot protection. "Don't worry dear, we have Blue Dot!"
It only looks cold, we used real ice, dry ice and good makeup.

Blue Dot 1

On the set for the Blue Dot Commerical. The nightmare of when things are too hot in the kitchen, don't worry Blue Dot is there to keep your air cooling needs under control. Produced by DCP Productions. The first day was the hot kitchen scene with actors.........