Monday, December 17, 2012

Food Marketing Institute

December 2012--Crystal City, Virginia--The Food Marketing Institute needed portraits of their staff.  In a make-shift studio in a conference room, the 56 staff members had their individual photos made.  Each person reviewed their images and were able to make a select on-site.  All done on-time and on budget.

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Miami Best Buddies Gala

The Miami Marlins Park was host to the Best Buddies Gala.  A panorama from the upper deck.

November 16, 2012--Miami, Florida--The 16th Annual Best Buddies Miami Gala held at Marlins Park.

Photos Notes:
Each Best Buddies event is different each time.  This year's gala was held on the infield of Marlins Park in Miami.  So I decided to go to the upper deck to get a bird's eye view.  After gaining permission, I went up to one of the upper decks to get the perspective.  Handholding the camera and using the grid in my viewfinder, I made over lapping frames from left to right.  Using the automated feature in Photoshop to stitch the 6 images together, a panorama of the event was made.  Sounds easy but it does take time and a little skill.  The final image was over 100 megabytes.  The size was reduced, the image was cropped to fit on this page. 

Eunice Shriver, Anthony Shriver, Katherine Schwarzenegger,
Lauren Potter and Alina Shriver 
Sky Blu of LMFAO entertained the crowd and even brought Buddies
and Lauren Potter on the stage to sing and dance.
As I rather be behind the camera than in front of the camera, my good friend Verne Troyer insisted on this shot!
Verne is a great supporter of Best Buddies and a great guy to photograph.  
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Patches 2012

Fall 2012
Dumbarton Oaks
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Best Buddies Challenge--DC

The start of the BBC walk. 
October 20, 2012 Washington, DC--Over 1400 people participated as riders, runners and walkers to raise over $1.4 million for Best Buddies.  This is the third annual Audi Best Buddies Challenge.

Photo notes:
Covering these events for a long time, I try to find something different and capture the essence of the day.  There is so much going on, it is important to isolate and find situations that show faces.  People make this day special.  Find people and make them comfortable in front of the camera and find moments amongst all the action going on to make the activities unique.  

Students from Best Buddies Virginia chapters Yorktown and Marshall High Schools. 
Olympic Gold Medalist Carl Lewis with Best Buddies from Virginia.
Everyone can participate.
"Glee" TV show star Lauren Potter with 94.7 Fresh FM Radio Personality Tommy McFly 
Anthony Shriver with a criterion rider. 
All Photography Copyright Laurence L. Levin.  No reproductions rights granted without permission.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nicklas Backstrom and GEICO

"I think you'd call it a Splinter"  Capital's Nicklas Backstrom featured in GEICO's NHL Commercial.  
October 10-11, 2012--Arlington, VA--DCP Productions  producing three GEICO NHL Commercials with NHL Capitals Nicklas Backstrom.  The title of the three spots: Splinter, Lord Stanley and "15"

Photo notes:
Working on a film set is exciting but does have its limitations.  My job is to document everything that happens.  These images are used for publicity, promotion, gifts and hopefully picked up in a print ad.  Sometimes during the shoot, the director will check the framing with my camera to get ideas.  Thus I need to be nimble and observant.  Working with all the departments, I must be friendly, helpful and stay out of the way!  Being part of a great team, helps me to get the photos they need.  

Director Don Cherel, DCP Productions
In the locker room, Nicklas Backstrom and Lord Stanley 
Lord Stanley, "Nicky I want to share a secret with you." 
It takes a lot of talented and dedicated people to film 3 commercials in 2 days.
 Over 30 professionals worked on this set.  Script supervisor Jane Hampton reviews her notes,
verifies all shots, and records all the details from each take/scene.   
Backstrom helping Backstrom.  NHL star Nicklas Backstrom assists stand-in Aaron Madsen
Director Don Cherel and Nicklas Backstrom review a take from the
15 Goals in 15 Seconds Commercial 
Nicklas Backstrom 

Photography copyright Laurence L. Levin / DCP Productions.  All rights reserved.  No reproduction rights granted without written permission.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Public Discussion on Higher Education/Zócalo Public Square

Carnegie Corporation President Vartan Gregorian
September 19--Washington, DC-- Zócola Public Square,  an innovative online and event organization provides live discussions and presentations of current events.  A panel discussion hosted at the National Press Club provided a lively presentation entitled, "Can the Next President Put Public Universities on Top?

University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman 

Panel member UCLA Chancellor Gene Block during the wine reception after the panel discussion. 
Tech notes: Seems my most recent assignments required shooting in available light.  Making friends with the production crew is vital to get information about the lighting in the room.  During the presentation shot at 4000 ISO and 3000K.  Knowing these numbers help to make quality images with my Nikon D800.

All images Copyright 2012 Laurence L. Levin

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Optical Society

September 12, 2012--Washington, DC-- The Optical Society along with 3 other science associations, presented the report, Essential Technologies for Our Future: Optics and Photonics Leading the Way.  Secretary of Energy, Dr. Steven Chu was the keynote speaker.  OSA Vice President Philip H. Bucksbaum is with Dr. Chu on stage.

Craig Barrett, Retired CEO/Chairman of the Board, Intel Corporation addresses the event.
A panorama image incorporating 4 images. click on image to enlarge

Held in the Horizon Ballroom at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC, the lighting was mostly fluorescent and weak.  Shooting at 12,800 ISO and correcting the color temperature to 2600K, with noise reduction really helped to make quality images.  Shot on a Nikon D800.

Photography copyright 2012 Laurence L. Levin

Sunday, September 09, 2012

A Celebration of Science

Cora Marrett, Deputy Director, National Science Foundation was part of the
STEM Education & Job Prospects for Young Investigators panel 
September 09, 2012 --Washington, DC--The Milken Institute hosted panel discussions throughout the weekend entitled A Celebration of Science. Each panel had leaders from scientific and policy organizations.  There were lively discussions about the future of the biosciences.  I worked with the Milken Foundation a long time ago, glad they found me again.

The Panel entitled, The Coming Age of Precision Medicine.
Each panel was videotaped and lasted 40 minutes.  There were four panels held concurrently in different rooms.  The staging and recording of each panel was produced by Vision Matrix Productions, Inc.  Their work was seem less; the staging, video and audio were excellent.  Color temperature was 4500K.  It made my picture taking smooth.  All images shot with a Nikon D800 at 4000 ISO.  Adjusted in Photoshop and used the Noise Reduction Filter.

Margaret Hamburg, Commissioner, U.S. Food and Drug Administration in the panel entitled, Investment Opportunities in Medical Research.

Photography copyright 2012 Laurence L. Levin

Friday, August 17, 2012

A Student's Perspective

One of my students, Paul Shalonis, has taken video and photo classes at Northern Virginia Community College-Alexandria Campus, shares his class experiences.

Filmed and edited by Laurence L. Levin.  Shot with a Nikon D800 and edited with FCPX.

Also viewable on YouTube

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Laurence L. Levin Promo Card

 The Promo Card--Laurence L. Levin Photography

Photo Editor/Documentary Event Photographer
Corporate Conferences, Press Conferences, Meet & Greets
Production Stills, Portraits, Special Events

Creating images to tell your story, highlighting your event and promoting your people.  Works independently, follows direction, and finds solutions when the unexpected occur.  Experienced working with publications, associations, corporations, government, NGOs, charities.

Photo Editing, Photo Research, Project Management


card printed at DodgeChrome 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Young Leaders Council

July 21--Bloomington, IN--Erica Brody explains The Young Leaders Council, a new Best Buddies International advisory group.  The initial meeting occurred at the 23rd Annual Best Buddies Leadership Conference.  Also viewable on YouTube

Video shot on a Nikon D800 and edited with FCP X

Video and Edited by Laurence L. Levin
Copyright 2012 Laurence L. Levin 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

"A Good Man" book signing party

June 08, 2012--Chevy Chase, MD--A book signing party at the home of Tim Shriver  and Linda Potter. Mark Shriver signs his book "A Good Man" The story of his father Sargent Shriver.

Mark addressing the 200+ attendees.
Mark signed over 250 books. 
Photography copyright 2012 Laurence L. Levin

Marco's 7th Birthday Party

June 09, 2012--Silver Spring MD--Colorful decoration, sunny & warm day, good friends and family gather to celebrate Marco Garcia's 7th Birthday.

The pool party
Marco and his friends.
The Cake
Photographs copyright 2012 Laurence L. Levin

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Hyannis Port Challenge

Anthony Shriver at the start of the 100 mile ride.

June 02, 2012--Boston/Hyannis Port, MA--The Best Buddies Challenge Hyannis Port is 100, 50, 20 mile bike ride from the Kennedy Library to Craigsville Beach near the Kennedy Compound.  This event raised over $4 million dollars to support the goals of Best Buddies.  

 The pack at the 20 mile mark.

Buddy pair Ian Clemence Shreiner & Dave Micalizzi ride the 100 miles

At the concert with the band Plain White T.

Photography copyright 2012 Laurence L. Levin

Tom Brady Football Challenge

June 1, 2012--Harvard Stadium, MA--Thousands attended the Tom Brady Football Challenge to benefit Best Buddies.  The start of the weekend activities to raise awareness for the Best Buddies' Mission.  Brady led both teams to an exciting game.  

Trying to evade defenders, Louis Sciuto leaps through the line.

 Alex O'Brien and his buddy Verne Troyer 

The Tailgate party food prepared by Guy Fieri and Patrick Whelan

Photography Copyright 2012 Laurence L. Levin

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Idealism in Action Gala

May 23--Ronald Reagan Building Washington, DC--City Year DC 2012 Idealism in Action Gala to benefit City Year and honor the 2012 Idealists of the Year.

Table center pieces
City Year DC Team Leader Gavin Ware
City Year DC Executive Director Jeffrey Franco 
2012 Idealist Award Honorees
Lifetime of Idealism Award Honoree Bill Couper receiving his Red CityYear Jacket
Photography Copyright 2012 Laurence L. Levin

A 500+ attendees in the Ronald Reagan Building Atrium with limited available light, the Nikon D800 comes to the rescue.  Most shots made at 4000ISO, with the help of PS5 & Bridge, the images look great.