Wednesday, February 21, 2018

National Guard Youth Foundation Portraits

February 20--Washington, DC--The National Guard Youth Foundation 2018 ChalleNGe Champions Recognition Reception is the annual event that recognizes many of the individuals and sponsors that make the ChalleNGe successful for nearly 10,000 young people throughout the country, every year.  A red carpet was set-up and these are a few of the portraits of the cadets who benefit from this program.  

Four continuous LED Lights were setup for this step and repeat (Westcott Flex Lights and Ledgo) This combination provided sufficient light to capture a broad area.  There was a little red pickup from the red carpet, but it all seemed to work well.  Using Continuous lights, you see how the light wraps around the subjects.  You can make adjustments easier than using flash.  Plus your subjects react each time a flash goes off, thus continuous light makes a better session and keeps the subjects relaxed.

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