Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Miami Best Buddies Gala

The Miami Marlins Park was host to the Best Buddies Gala.  A panorama from the upper deck.

November 16, 2012--Miami, Florida--The 16th Annual Best Buddies Miami Gala held at Marlins Park.

Photos Notes:
Each Best Buddies event is different each time.  This year's gala was held on the infield of Marlins Park in Miami.  So I decided to go to the upper deck to get a bird's eye view.  After gaining permission, I went up to one of the upper decks to get the perspective.  Handholding the camera and using the grid in my viewfinder, I made over lapping frames from left to right.  Using the automated feature in Photoshop to stitch the 6 images together, a panorama of the event was made.  Sounds easy but it does take time and a little skill.  The final image was over 100 megabytes.  The size was reduced, the image was cropped to fit on this page. 

Eunice Shriver, Anthony Shriver, Katherine Schwarzenegger,
Lauren Potter and Alina Shriver 
Sky Blu of LMFAO entertained the crowd and even brought Buddies
and Lauren Potter on the stage to sing and dance.
As I rather be behind the camera than in front of the camera, my good friend Verne Troyer insisted on this shot!
Verne is a great supporter of Best Buddies and a great guy to photograph.  
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