Friday, June 29, 2007

Birdies by the Beach Charity Golf Challenge

June 24-25--Ocean City, Maryland--Seacrest in Ocean City was a gathering place for Best Buddies Maryland's Birdies by the Beach Events. Raising awareness for Best Buddies, Miss Virginia USA-Lauren Barnette, Miss Pennsylvania USA Samantha Johnson, Miss Washington DC-USA Mercedes Lindsey, Miss New York USA Gloria Sophia Almonte, Miss Maryland USA Michae Holloman greeted guests and patrons.

Miss Washington DC-USA Mercedes Lindsey and Miss Maryland USA Michae Holloman

The events started at Fish Tales in Ocean City.

Miss Virginia USA-Lauren Barnette ready for golf at the Ocean City Golf and Yatch Club.

Miss Washington DC-USA Mercedes Lindsey giving some lessons.

Miss New York USA-Gloria Sophia Almonte with her foursome. Nearly 100 players joined the Miss USA delegates to raise money for Best Buddies Maryland.

Miss Pennsylvania showing her foursome the big swing.

Miss USA Rachel Smith with Caroline.

Miss Maryland with the Salisbury State Buddy Pair.

Miss New York USA-Gloria Sophia Almonte, Miss Pennsylvania USA-Samantha Johnson, Miss Washington DC-USA Mercedes Lindsey, Miss USA-Rachel Smith, Miss Maryland USA-Michae Holloman, Miss Virginia USA-Lauren Barnette

Checking out the photos Miss Washington DC-USA Mercedes Lindsey, Miss USA Rachel Smith, Miss Maryland USA-Michae Holloman

Monday, June 18, 2007

Three notable speakers

Keynote speaker President Vicente Fox

June 9-11---Photographing many events I get the opportunity to hear as well as take pictures of interesting and pertinent politcal figures. At the GMA/FPA Executive Conference in West Virginia, Mexico's past president Vicente Fox, past DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe and retired congressman John Kasich spoke about the events of the day.

Terry McAuliffe

John Kasich

Bancroft Wins!!!

June 7---Washington, DC's Bancroft Elementary School Girls and Boys Soccer team won their respective games to become the 2007 DC Scores Soccer Champions.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Honoring Sargent Shriver

June 2---Sargent Shriver, a man of great passion and leadership was honored in Silver Spring, Maryland. He is a hero to many generations. He was instrumental in so many programs that helped Americans as well as people throughout the world. These institutions include: Head Start, VISTA, Job Corps, Community Action, Upward Bound, Foster Grandparents, Special Olympics, the National Center on Poverty Law, Legal Services, and the Peace Corps. President Clinton awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom. In Maryland they gave him one of the highest honors by naming a school after him: Sargent Shriver Elementary School.
Sargent Shriver with his family and Romero Britto's Apple Sculpture
in the courtyard of Sargent Shriver Elementary School.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Patches- - Day at the Beach

May 26--Quiet Waters Dog Beach near Annapolis, Maryland, on the South River, the entryway to the Chesapeake, Patches enjoyed his first encounter with the ocean and "big waves." Loving water, he jumped right in and dove just like a submarine.

Dive, dive, dive!

New friends. But don't touch the ball.

Ready for more.

Best Buddies Challenge

May 19, 2007---Boston & Hyannis Port--Despite a light drizzle a record-breaking 900 riders participated in the Boston to Hyannis Port trek to support Anthony Shriver's Best Buddies International, which works to enhance the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.

Lt. Andrew Baldwin, THE BACHELOR, Miss Vermont Jessica Comolli,
Tammie Sheffield, Miss Rhode Island Danielle LaCourse

A Brady reunion
New England Patriot Super Bowl Champion Quarterback Tom Brady
and Brady Bunch's Marsha Brady (Maureen McCormick)

Best Buddies Founder, Anthony Shriver

New England Patriot Dan Koppen and his sister Leah with Katie Meade and Tom Brady

Rick Springfield roamed the tent as he performed.

TRENCHES- - - The Movie

April 20, 2007---A new science fiction film written and directed by Shane Felux and X-ILE Pictures filmed TRENCHES in Virginia and Maryland. A friend of mine was the production ccordinator and asked me to come to the set and take some stills. See the entire cast go to the slide show.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

DC Voting Rights

April 16, 2007.......In the shadow of the US Capitol, thousands of hardy souls, braved the wind and the rain to demand what every US Citizen represenation in the Congress. Hard to believe, as United State citizens, residents of Washington DC do not have representation in the Congress nor the Senate. Seems unfair and unamerican! Please write your senators and congressmen urge them to give all US Taxpaying Citizens full representation and rights, just like every other American. Find your represenatives and your senator

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Cherry Blossoms at the Tidal Basin

Monday, April 2 was suppose to be the peak of the Cherry Blossoms. Eighty degree weather during the previous weekend caused the earlier than expected sprouting. The sunrise time of 6:52am was easier to handle than last year. Michelle was suppose to join me in this photo excursion but she set the time on her alarm but did not turn the alarm on. This day was a bit hazy. The near full moon was hidden behind clouds, but the sun eventually burned it off and the Cherry Trees were spectacular. However they were short lived this year. Two days later cold weather and eventually snow shorten their lives.

Workout With Wylie

Biggest Loser contestant and winner, Mark Wylie brought his enthusiasm and encouragement to Best Buddies Maryland to share his passion of good health through exercise. Sponsored by First Financial Group, over 200 people joined in the exercises at the Du Burns Arena, the practice facility of the Baltimore Blast soccer team. The Biggest Loser Maryland contestant Amy Hildreth exercises with a Best Buddies Family.

Baltimore Blast soccer star, Cristian Neagu dances to an Elvis Presley beat with a Buddy Pair.

Marty Wolff, The Biggest Loser's Missouri contestant shows proper techniques to a Buddy participant.

Mark Wylie with his new buddies.

Baltimore Blast Soccer star Giuliano Celenza and his newest fans.

Amy Hildreth, Marty Wolff, Mark Wylie and their new friends.