Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Colors in Havana, Cuba

Looking up
January 2017--Havana, Cuba--One of the magical places on earth, one can see the majestic architecture that is still flourishing.  Although, some renovation is needed, you can see the potential.  You notice the craftsmanship in the structures.  Colors are everywhere. they are saturated in the bright Cuban sunlight.  Cuban architecture was influenced by diverse colonialization over the centuries.  Blues, Art Deco, stained-glass windows, then a Modernist Movement, Cuban Style of native artists and materials enriching the city.  You can't help to find incredible images everywhere you look
Old Havana
Open Door in Old Havana
Mural Art
US Embassy 
Malecon, know officially as Avenida de Maceo, is the esplanade,
 seawall and roadway along the Havana coastline 
Transportation #1
Transportation #2  Chevrolet Bel-Air Taxi

Transportation #3
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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Special Olympics Maryland and UMD Terrapins Basketball

January 21--College Park Maryland-- The University of Maryland Men's Basketball team held a basketball clinic for players from Special Olympics Maryland.  The day began with stations with both  UMD players and coaches providing skills training.  Then unified play with both SOMD athletes and UMD players.  A fun and inspirational day.

Together we are better
UMD and Special Olympic MD Athletes 
My referee partners

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Lunch in Havana

Bodegon Onda, Old Havana, Cuba
January 13--Old Havana, Cuba--A trick used often when traveling or even in your own city, while walking around, as you get hungry, keep your eyes open for a restaurant.  Read the menu, watch the patrons, observe the ambiance and get a whiff of the food.  But other times go with your gut feeling.  While walking in Old Havana, getting hungry, and not knowing where to eat. In what seemed like a side alley, not a main thoroughfare, this place peaked interest The menu items seemed good and the price even better.  Later it was found in the Havana Guide it is described as pit stop place to enjoy a delicious meal.  A relaxing and quiet street side cafe that provided one of the best tasting meals.  The mojitos and coke & Havana Club Rum made a most delightful meal and afternoon in Old Havana.

Mojito, Coke & Havana Club Rum
Chicken with rice and vegetables 
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Photos made with a Nikon 1 V3

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Jacob's Bar Mitzvah

Jacob reading his torah portion. 
January 07--Washington, DC--More than a year before, the family confirmed the date to photograph this life event.  As the day approached, a list of specific photos and timetable was requested,  With that in hand, we made sure nothing was left out. We had the sanctuary for 40 minutes to make the traditional photographs.   We couldn't photograph during the service.   Light weight and nimble we moved from situation to situation.  But when you work with people you know and like, it makes the whole event enjoyable. 
The Family 
With Grandma
With friends
The Celebration
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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Window Seat

Photographs made sitting in my seat, usually 7A, but sometimes 7F or 8A, all on United Airlines.  These made over the past two years.  Always a challenge to make something different from everybody else, that is the fun of it. These photos are made on a Nikon 1V3 or iPhone 6SE.  Photos are downloaded to my phone, corrected with Photoshop Express and then posted on Instagram @larrylevin  Click on the photos to see the LARGE size.
Landing at Newark, NYC Skyline

Not  Seat 7F more like 21F

Langley, and Potomac River

Approach to Chicago O'Hare ORD

Approach to Washington National DCA

Departing Chicago O'Hare

Downtown Chicago
The Pentagon

United Club Lounge

Approach to Washington National DCA

Downtown Chicago

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