Saturday, January 14, 2017

Lunch in Havana

Bodegon Onda, Old Havana, Cuba
January 13--Old Havana, Cuba--A trick used often when traveling or even in your own city, while walking around, as you get hungry, keep your eyes open for a restaurant.  Read the menu, watch the patrons, observe the ambiance and get a whiff of the food.  But other times go with your gut feeling.  While walking in Old Havana, getting hungry, and not knowing where to eat. In what seemed like a side alley, not a main thoroughfare, this place peaked interest The menu items seemed good and the price even better.  Later it was found in the Havana Guide it is described as pit stop place to enjoy a delicious meal.  A relaxing and quiet street side cafe that provided one of the best tasting meals.  The mojitos and coke & Havana Club Rum made a most delightful meal and afternoon in Old Havana.

Mojito, Coke & Havana Club Rum
Chicken with rice and vegetables 
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