Thursday, September 12, 2013

City Year DC: Opening Ceremony

City Year 2013-2014 Corp 
September 12--Washington, DC--City Year DC opening ceremony is a celebration of the upcoming school year.  It introduces the corp members and their school affiliation to the community.  There is dancing, pledges, speeches and optimism for the new school year.  
Opening ceremony

Sam Pride 
Lailla Abdallah

Photo Notes: City Year opening ceremonies is one happening event.  There is a non stop energy in the room. It's like a sporting event, you know there is going to action to photograph, you just have to know where in the room to be and know how to adjust the camera controls to recognize the different lighting conditions.  There is stage light and the ambient light in the audience section.   Sometimes the light is good, sometimes a little strobe is needed too.  Like corp members, I have to be prepared.

Photography Copyright 2013 Laurence L. Levin