Monday, June 05, 2017

Tom Brady & Best Buddies

Tom & Katie

June 02--Boston & Hyannis Port--Committed and involved, for over ten years, Tom Brady has donated his time to make a significant difference in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.  He is a spokesman that articulates the mission of Best Buddies.  It seems Tom is always in the middle of the event, leading the way to promote and share acts of kindness.  This is seen year in and year out.  Tom is a hero to all his Best Buddies.

Family Affair, nephew, sister and son

Team Huddle
Award Ceremony

Step and Repeat photos done over a hundred times

Criterion with Katie 
Criterion start

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Saturday, June 03, 2017

Joan Jett Performs at the Best Buddies Challenge

Joan Jett, a classis on stage performance. 

June 03--Hyannis Port, MA-- Rock n'Roll icon and trailblazer Joan Jett and her band the Blackhearts performed before a an enthusiastic Best Buddies Challenge audience.  Jett sang her popular hits.  She is known for her influence in the world of rock music.  She was a pioneer as one of the first females in the dominated world of rock music.

Song list posted on the stage
Entering the business at age 15, with the punk-pop band the Runaways, she wrote and recording many songs, including, "I Love Rock n' Rock" additionally, she founded Blackhearts Records which continues to produce and promote female singers and bands.

With her early band, the Runaways, was a hard rock sound in the age of disco.  However they help set a trend of five women singing about sex, rebelling and partying.  Jett appeared in what is now her trademark, red leather jumpsuits.  The band faced an uphill battle of breaking into mainstream music but they persisted, they had many music successes,  their song "Cherry Bomb" was a punk hit. They gained notoriety in Japan, with three gold records.

Microphone stand 
After 1979, Jett and her band the Runaways disbanded.  Going solo was a hard road, 23 different record companies rejected her new album.  Thus she founded Blackhearts Records in 1980 with her producer partner, Kenny Laguna.  With help from, "The Who" Their first album Bad Reputation was picked up by Boardwalk Records.  Although her sound didn't catch on, the second album with "I Love Rock n Roll" with the title track reached #1 on the pop charts in 

The way people view concerts with their phones
She continues with her three cord rock and roll, and has continuously worked on writing and producing music & releasing albums.  Her last studio album Unvarnished was in 2013.  In 2015 she was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Her record label still promotes "girl bands" and female artists.  Jett also participated in USO/Armed Forces Entertainment tours.  

Fans rocking to Joan Jett in the big tent celebrating the Best Buddies Challenge
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