Friday, November 20, 2009

Ozzie Guillen

November 20--Miami, FL--Chicago White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen and Buddy taped a public service announcement for Best Buddies.

Miami Gala

November 20--Watson Island, Miami Florida--The 13th Annual Best Buddies Miami Gala celebrating the 20th year anniversary of Best Buddies International.  The American themed event raised over $1.4 million for Best Buddies International.

Verne Troyer with Miss Teen USA Stormi Bree Henley

Boxing Champ Evander Holyfield with a Buddy 

Life is Sweet 5

November 17--The Audi Forum in Herndon Virginia--The Fifth Annual Life is Sweet Pastry Chef Showcase benefitting Best Buddies Virginia.  The 25 chefs and their buddies. All photos copyright Laurence L. Levin
David Guas, Damgoodsweet, Buddy Chef Chris Battle

Shaun McCarty, Brasserie Beck, Buddy Chef Jesse Helton

Susan Wallace, Blacksalt, Buddy Chef Lauren Hyer

Buddy Chef Caitlin Donovan

Cathal Armstrong, Restaurant Eve, Buddy Chef Natalie Mills

Penny Karas, Hello Cupcake, Buddy Chef Felicia Aquah

Patrick Bazin, Bazin's on Church Street, Buddy Chef Cameron Graham

Kate Jansen, Willow, Buddy Chef Suzan Basoglu

Harry Sarkees, Silva's Patisserie, Buddy Chef Conner Mirt 

Michelle Poteaux, Bastille, Buddy Chef Max Douglas

Laure Weber, Swiss Bakery, Buddy Chef Maddie Leasure

Gian Piero Mazzi, San Vito, Buddy Chef Eric Latcheran

Sara Siegel & RJ Cooper, Vidalia, Buddy Chef Nick Moore

Jon L. Mathieson, INOX, Buddy Chef Cory Blazer

Jonathan Krinn, INOX, Buddy Chef Erin Thompson

Michel Richard, Michel Richard Citronelle, Buddy Chef Jenny Holden 

Norm Messer, TenPenh, Buddy Chef Carter McGavin

Chris Ford, Trummer's on Main, Buddy Chef 

Yasmine Sandhu, Rock Creek, Buddy Chef Ross Kepler

David Serus & Christopher James, Ritz Carlton Washington DC
Buddy Chef Ryan Gutkowski

Tom Wellings, Equinox, Buddy Chef Michael Charlton

Geoff Tracy, Chef Geoff, Buddy Chef Brandon Fisher

Lauren Whiteledge, Art & Soul, Buddy Chef 

Dasher Board & The Defenseman GEICO Commercials

Washington Capitals player Mike Green, behind the scenes of his GEICO Insurance commercial debut.
Produced by DCP Productions.
Mike Green and The Caveman, Dasher Board
Mike Green,  The Defenseman
Capital Coach Bruce Boudreau

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chris Brown and Best Buddies

November 19--Miami, FL--Recording artist and actor Chris Brown joined Best Buddies in preparing holiday cards for military serving in the middle east.  Brown performed at the 13th Annual Best Buddies Gala in Miami.