Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Best Buddies Leadership Conference

Buddy Pair Sydney Zeller (l) and Mary Kate Davey
and the Illinois Delegation 
July 22-25, Bloomington, IN--The 27th Annual Best Buddies International Leadership Conference in Bloomington, Indiana brings over 2000 student leaders together to learn, discuss and network about the Best Buddies Mission.  One of the most inspirational events that touches so many emotions.  It provides opportunities to experience overcoming disabilities and highlighting abilities.

Covering this event for many years, it is challenging to make new and different images.  Thus more engagement with my subjects helps to create emotion.  Also, since many feel comfortable in front of my camera, I am able to get natural moments.

Students participate in the "World Cafe" to discuss issues.

Anthony Shriver with International students 
Lauren Potter preparing for her photo shoot
Lauren Potter
Best Buddies Ambassador Training
Anthony Shriver and the Friendship Walk
Sometimes you just have to take control of the situation.  Make everyone stop and pose for the shot.

Closing Ceremony
Lisa Smith, Interpretive sign language artist
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