Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Colors in Havana, Cuba

Looking up
January 2017--Havana, Cuba--One of the magical places on earth, one can see the majestic architecture that is still flourishing.  Although, some renovation is needed, you can see the potential.  You notice the craftsmanship in the structures.  Colors are everywhere. they are saturated in the bright Cuban sunlight.  Cuban architecture was influenced by diverse colonialization over the centuries.  Blues, Art Deco, stained-glass windows, then a Modernist Movement, Cuban Style of native artists and materials enriching the city.  You can't help to find incredible images everywhere you look
Old Havana
Open Door in Old Havana
Mural Art
US Embassy 
Malecon, know officially as Avenida de Maceo, is the esplanade,
 seawall and roadway along the Havana coastline 
Transportation #1
Transportation #2  Chevrolet Bel-Air Taxi

Transportation #3
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