Monday, June 09, 2008


April 19--Yonkers, New York--I got the call, I heard a voice, it was like an angel, "How would you like to photograph the Pope for Best Buddies?" Of course!! "We are trying to arrange two buddy pairs to meet the Pope and we would like you to photograph it." It did sound so easy, fly up for the day, shoot a couple picture and then back to Washington--E A S Y. Well not exactly. Security and the Secret Service closed down and locked everything up. We didn't exactly have the right credentials to get everyone together. A little coaxing and pleading got a parent the buddy into the chapel. All others were allowed to sit in the hallway and watch the monitors. Sometimes you just have to sit it out and be patient. Good things come to those who wait and think on their feet. As the Pope entered the hallway I was able to make a frame of his waving to me. Afterwards, Best Buddies Dean Halvatzis and his peer Buddy Christopher Grocki posed in St. Joseph's Seminary Chapel where the Pope had an audience and blessing for children with disabilities.

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