Wednesday, June 11, 2008


June 01--Ocean City, MD--Let's just say it moves, Miss GEICO moves fast skimming the water at speeds close to 200 mile per hour. The seas are cleared and with waves of 2-4 feet trying to deal with the bounce can cause a few problems such as holding the camera steady and getting Miss GEICO in the frame. But with luck and determination it was done. Miss GEICO is built for speed. On a nationwide tour around the country to promote racing and water safety, they are participating in the OPA/GEICO Triple Crown Racing Events.

Racing in the OPA/ GEICO 1st Triple Crown Event in Ocean City, MD

Scott Begovich, Throttles (front row center), Marc Granet, Driver (front row right)and the Miss GEICO crew.

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Anonymous said...

Great shot of a flying Miss GEICO Larry.