Tuesday, May 12, 2020

5 Photo Tips for Your Event Photography

Make your group shots exciting

Move beyond the standard group and podium shots to create compelling photos that will extend the value and reach of your events. Best Buddies and Special Olympics photographer, Laurence Levin, shares some fun and practical ideas to make the most of your event photos, whether you hire a pro, or rely on a volunteer to capture the festivities.

1. Go for the human touch
Look for opportunities to shoot an emotional moment, high five, fist bump, or a hug between a volunteer and a recipient of your organization’s services.

2. Catch the action! 
Sports centered events lend themselves to action shots but even a gala has moments of excitement and animation, such as a live performance, game playing, or a reaction to a special surprise.

3. Use Props    
Give subjects an item relevant to your cause to hold, such as sports equipment, art supplies, food, books, even an animal. Someone holding a sign with a meaningful message is also effective. The more interactive the photo is, the better.

4. Take lots of shots
Make sure you get a “keeper” from each set up. Eliminate all distractions such as unwanted people/objects in the background. Avoid insufficient or harsh lighting. Make sure everything you want it is in the frame, and everything you don’t is out.

5. Create a photo book 
Show a special donor how much you appreciate their support. Curate shots from past events for a hardback or e-book. Two of the many options that are easy to use ZNO or Vistaprint. Prices vary, but can be as little as $30 plus shipping.

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