Saturday, May 16, 2020

Notary: When you need one, I am here for you

My certificate after completing my oath and certification
Notary Public is an officer appointed or granted authority to serve as a witness and to authenticate the execution of certain documents.  Important commercial or personal documents need to be authenticated in order to be officially recorded for legal or governmental purposes. To ensure the person signing the document is in fact the person, the notary is engaged to be the impartial witness.  After the witnessing, the notary acknowledges it by imprinting certificate and embossing their seal on the document.  

In order to be notarized the document has identified the signer in some way, the document needs to be an original, the notarial ‘certificate’ may appear printed on the document or has a place to affix it.  After the witnessing of the signing, the certificate is completed, and the notary seal is embossed. 

The notary records the procedure in their journal.  A government picture identification from the signer is recorded as well as their address, phone number, document type, and signature.   

As a public servant who is honest, fair and unbiased, the notary can refuse service IF: 1. Unable to verify the signer’s identity. OR 2. Competence of the signer is in question. OR 3. Any indication of fraud.  Otherwise, all are served without discrimination.  

The notary is only a witness to the signing.  No legal advice given or help in document preparation is permitted.  Violators 
can be fined or worse for unauthorized counsel.

In the District of Columbia, the fee for each imprint of each signature is $5.00.  The notary is allowed to charge a travel fee if travel is done to the signer’s location.  As a District of Columbia Notary, Only available in DC.  I am bonded and mobile.  

Mobile Notary service is available.  

I can come to your location--office or home--for the flexibility and convenience.

Often short notice, off-hours and weekends.  Efficient and professional!

Common documents that require notarization include:
Deeds, Power of Attorney, Contracts, Affidavits, Bill of Sale, Agreements, Waivers, Authorizations, Pleadings, Certificates, Sworn Statements, Guaranties.  

Some of my most recent requests have been Pension Forms, Applications, Financial Documents, Quick Deed Claims and Power of Attorney. 

Contact me for questions or anything else.

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