Thursday, May 21, 2020

Before/After Photography Assignments

Before Photo.  Circa 1981 
While still a student at Indiana University, was working on a story about a Big Ten Basketball Referee for The Chicago Tribune.  Found this photo, (forgot the photographer who made it), sitting on the floor at Assembly Hall with a great mentor to me as well as every photo-journalism student at IU, Dave Repp.  He was a great friend to all.  
I had my Nikon and wore those big glasses. 

What a time it was at Indiana, it was still the Bob Knight era of great basketball.  Fortunate to follow my passion of basketball and photography.  The story that appeared in The Tribune was focused on Verl Sell, a seasoned official. Sports writer legend Bill Jauss wrote the story.  It appeared as a picture story, full spread on the back page.  Amazing time for photography as well as, it now seems it was too easy to get that story done.  Calls to the Big Ten office, I even spoke to Wayne Duke, who was the commissioner at that time.  All it took was a phone call to get permission and access.  The same thing to attend games, only a phone call to get credentials for several arenas. If that story would be done today, no doubt, endless phone calls, letters, and permissions from lawyers and others would be necessary.  

After Photo. Circa 2016 
At the Dallas Cowboy’s training field working with DCP Productions on a TV commercial for GEICO.  This time I’m with the Caveman! (Photo by Tony Gardner of Alerian, Inc.) No big glasses but I have readers and I am still using Nikon!  

For over 10 years been working with DCP, capturing behind the scenes imagery of their work.  Again, following my passion of photography and film production.  Understanding the nuances of filming has provided me the opportunity to work with this talented company.  Much like sports photography, you are capturing the subtle yet vital scenes that help tell the story.

Photography opened many doors.  It has allowed me to have incredible experiences and share my photos whether it be for a newspaper readership or company chronicle.  

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