Friday, March 27, 2020

Pro Tips to Update Your LinkedIn Profile

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During this #stayathome, it is time to try to be productive, organize things at home as well as update your social media.  In my research to update my LinkedIn profile, I learned a few tips I thought to share with you.

It is important to keep your professional profile current in LinkedIn because it:
·      Generates engagement with your target audience
·      Builds your goodwill, trust & value
·      Shows your knowledge and authority in your industry

6 Quick Updating Tips

# 1 The most critical update to your profile is you profile photo  (Click on your portrait image to edit) 
·      Your image should be at least 60% of the frame
·      Clean non distracting background
·      Current professionally made portrait
·      Dressed to the expectation of your audience
#2 Add to your “See Contact Info” (Click the pencil on the right of profile section)
·      Personalize your LinkedIn URL
·      Add your Website
·      Add the email you want to receive all your professional correspondences 
·      Add your birthday, you want to be seen by all your contacts’ notifications at least once a year.

#3 The Headline
·      Expand your headline to more than your job title.  With 120 characters, expand your qualifications.  This is a way to get people interested in YOU. 
·      Specific to Industry, add personalization, or your mission statement.

#4 The About Section. (Click on the pencil on the right in this section.)
·      Write your impressive story in 2000 characters. 
·      Narrative format. 
·      Purpose. Articulate the Why. 
·      Clear mission statement 
·      Show your personality 
·      Optimize for SEO industry specific terms
·      End with a call to action. What people need to do after they read your summary. 

#5 Current and Past Experiences 
·      Only relevant jobs
·      Write in narrative format
·      Include Photos or Videos that help to tell your story and keep people interested

#6 Skills and Endorsements
·      Make sure your top three are listed.  (You can control this)
·      Ask for endorsements but to get them you need to give as well as receive. 

Hope this is helpful to you. See my LinkedIn profile for additional ideas. Any questions or help with your photo needs or photo editing or photo library management, please contact me.

What do you do to enhance your LinkedIn engagement with your connections and potential clients?

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