Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ritz Pentagon City & The Fairmont

In the top floor lounge of The Ritz Carlton of Pentagon City, Pastry Chef Noree Hatheway and the Ritz staff pampered and catered to Buddy Chef Maddie Leasure. The eloquent furnishings, the quality service and panoramic view provided a dignified atmosphere to discuss plans for the upcoming Life is Sweet event. Although you might find Maddie at her favorite local hangout for a fast burger and fries, she always appreciates her friends and Buddy Noree at the Ritz.

Sometimes it is really a balancing act, deciding what pictures to take and what the chefs will do. One chef throws eggs, another lemons, another plays with fire, guess we are lucky no one yet throws knives. When we only had raspberries to do something with, I just didn't know what kind of raspberry the group would do. Luckily, they only balanced them on their noses. At the Fairmont you can keep your nose in the air only if you have a piece of fruit on it. Pastry Chef Pierre St. Pierre (who is leaving us in September) Buddy Pouneh Bahri, Buddy Chef Michael Apps and his Chef Aron Weber, the new Fairmont Pastry Chef, all keeping it real........

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