Saturday, August 05, 2006

Never Give Up

As I was compiling images for my web portfolio, I found this image from the 2006 Special Olympics National Games in Ames, Iowa. It epitomizes the spirit and desire of the athletes. Up against forces bigger than oneself, one still faces them and tries. It is the act of facing your challenges that one conquers them. Never give up, always try, and you will surprise yourself.

Again I was fortunate this year to be chosen to officiate basketball for the National Games. Words can not describe the emotion, enthusiasm and excitement to be part of this event. During the week long event, I saw incredibly talented basketball players and most importantly great sportsmanship. Athletes, coaches and fans showed positive spirit and encouragement to all the participants. The volunteers from Iowa were extraordinary . Their warmth and friendliness was so much appreciated. There were home baked peanut butter chocolate covered rice crispy treats and brownies that were always there waiting for us. This one was of the many acts of kindness. They went out of their way to make the visit memorable.

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