Monday, August 28, 2006

Acadiana & Marcel's & Bazin's on Church

Each participating pastry chef provides a unique experience for their Buddy. Acadiana's Executive Pastry Chef David Guas really got things on fire with his Buddy Chef Jonathan Converse. After making a lemon tart, they decided to make a Louisiana style dessert something with bananas and added a bit of rum to it. (I really wish I remembered what it was called but I was busy trying to protect myself from the flames.) Luckily, there were no singed eyebrows and the place is still standing.

Buddy Chef Will Donner loves to fly among all his other interests that include baseball and sports...and an incredible memory for all types of information and statistics. So after a quick lesson in slicing fruits, Marcel's Chef Paul Stearman, who is quite an outdoorsman and can juggle quite a few things himself, let the lemons fly during the photoshoot.

You may have to wait to get a reservation in Bazin's on Church in Vienna, especially even more so now, that Chef Patrick Bazin has taken cooking TV show fan and Buddy Chef Cameron Graham and shared his secrets of making strawberry shortcakes. Cameron learned everything and just like her TV cooking mentor Emile! before serving their creation to her family, Patrick and her shouted.....BAM!

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