Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Light is Perfect

The sun was setting, the warming reddish glow was just right. "Hurry....Hurry, come over here!" Lisa and Dan took their place on the steps. "Move over just a bit." "No...No, change positions." "OK that looks better. Hold that smile. Look natural (yeah, whatever that means.) Look here." "Relax....Hold her tight."

It is just a matter of making people feel comfortable while photographing them. After a few snaps they realize you are just trying to make them look great. After photographing Lisa at many functions over the years for Best Buddies, she is accustomed to my ever-present camera. Now it will be her big event, Lisa and Dan's wedding. This image was made at their engagement party. Her family and friends saw me in action and now know the fun we will have photographing their big day.

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