Monday, August 21, 2006

Four Seasons and 1789

After the initial introductions, Four Season's chef Romain Renard got down to business. Donning a Four Seasons baseball cap, Buddy Chef Tim deNesura was part of the team and was put to work. Tim was initiated in the art of sifting flour, (east--west motion only, north and south you get flour on your feet), painting chocolate (just like painting a wall, side to side motion and let the machine do it.) And then a team photo.

Since the Four Seasons is hosting the Life is Sweet event Chef Romain and Buddy Chef Tim have a lot of work to do. Tim who is working on attaining his Eagle Scout designation knows that they have to be prepared.

Girls just want to have fun, especially in the kitchen. 1789 Restaurant Pastry Chef Zoe Behrens and her Buddy Chef Meaghan Mundy laughed and enjoyed hamming it up. (Although ham really isn't the right word for a pastry event.) Look at their eyes, look at their smiles, add to the recipe, Zoe's award this year and you can be sure these two will create an astonishing delicious dessert experience for the Life is Sweet event.

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