Monday, April 10, 2023

Japan's Love of Dogs


Shibu Ina Japan's most popular dog breed. 
Spring 2023--Toyko & Kyoto--Japanese treasure their dogs for their emotional support, loyalty and unconditional love.  Because of the changing demographics in Japan, declining birthrates and aging population, to alleviate loneliness, dogs provide constant companionship.  Additionally, the "Kawaii" (Cute) Culture, holds in high regard many things in life that are adorable and charming.  Helping to meet this cultural aesthetic, dog ownership fills this void, too.  The popular dog breeds in Japan, that are revered and known for their cuteness, are Shiba Inus, Toy Poodles, and Miniature Dachshunds.  

Smile please, in Tokyo
In the streets of Kyoto
The revered Shiba Inu
Work-Life Balance, spending time outdoors, especially for exercise.
Dog ownership provides an opportunity for socialization,
getting out and meeting friends and family.

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Anonymous said...

Great photos! Chris and I have 2 Shiba Inu beagle mixes. Great pups.