Thursday, December 22, 2022

The Portrait: What Makes it Good

Besides photographing events, my other passion is making portraits.  Formal and informal portraits provides the subject with images for social media and publication.  With informal portraits the key is to use the light to best capture that gesture, facial expression and moment.  With formal portraits you are trying to accomplish the same as informal shots but the photographer has better control of the light, pose, and situation.  The goal of the portrait is to provide a photo that connotes a feeling of friendliness, approachability, and confidence.  When working with a photographer, it is just that, a collaboration.  The subject needs to be relaxed and trusting.  The photographer needs to be skillful with their technical expertise, lighting and camera technique.  Importantly, the photographer needs to have a personality that exudes confidence, patience and friendliness.  The photo session needs to be fun in order to make wonderful images.  

South African Economics Minister Malose Letsoalo
At a luncheon meeting 

My lifelong friend Nancy D.
Catching the evening light

John & May

David, Notary Public
Portrait for LinkedIn

Judi, Notary Public
Portrait for LinkedIn

Kit & Oliver
and two Grandsons

Kit & Oliver
Just in time for sunset

Kirsten and family

Portrait for business

Lawyer at the Supreme Court

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