Friday, December 16, 2022

Invest Africa Meetings

H.E. Yoweri Museveni
Uganda Meeting
December 16, 2022 Washington, DC--Invest Africa is a worldwide organization that facilitates private and institutional investors in opportunities in African countries. The December 2022 US-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington, DC brought 50 Heads of Delegation to the US.  After the summit, Invest Africa was able to bring several Presidents to meet with government, corporate, and institutional leaders.


I was honored to be the photographer for Invest Africa.  The first meeting was with H.E. President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda.  Although all in attendance needed to pass a Covid test and be masked in the room, Museveni removed his masked while he spoke.  An additional hurdle was the low light in the room, to make any photograph a flash was needed.  With the right equipment and good timing, the photos look natural.

Green room meeting

H.E. William Ruto

The second meeting was with H.E. William Ruto, Republic of Kenya.  Was able to squeeze into the green room with Ruto and his team with Paul Hinks, Chairman Invest Africa US.  This was a private unique session that was documented.  The main meeting was standing room only, that made it difficult to maneuver in the room.  With careful movement, was able to capture as much as possible.  

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