Thursday, March 12, 2020

OFC: The Show Must Go on

March 8-11, San Diego, CA--Despite the on-set of the pandemic and weeks before the stay at home order, the annual OFC, The Optical Fiber Communication Conference was held.  Attendance was smaller than previous years, but, there was tremendous amount of information and networking.  Many sessions were broadcast on the internet feed for those who couldn't attend. Technology ruled the day, speakers were able to make their presentations online and interact with participants.  

As part of a team of photographers, it was vital to document the event showing the vibrance and engagement of the attendees.  Given a schedule and working independently, finding those situations which highlighted the event.  

All images made in available light with a Nikon Z6, 24-120 Nikkor lens and 70-200 Nikkor lens.  

Plenary Session crowd
Many speakers made their presentation via internet
Group discussion via the Internet
Sessions were well attended
Keynote Speaker, Chih-Lin I, 
Chief Scientist, China Mobile, China
Although we were still weeks away from the
shutdown some attendees wore surgical masks 
Vendor and Attendees 
Award Winner
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