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Japan Travels--The Meal of a Lifetime

The preparation of Kobe and Yonezawa Beef
The must try at least once in your life experiences.  A traditional Japanese steak house that incorporates Teppanyaki, a Japanese cuisine using an iron griddle to cook the food.  The chef cooks your meal right in front of you.  The Gion Hanasato in Kyoto provided that unique adventure. 
Tools of the Trade

In a renovated tradition house, the limited seating provides a quiet yet relaxing atmosphere.  Two types of beef were prepared.  Yonezawa beef is considered a delicacy and the cattle are raised with strict requirements in the southern part of Yamagata, Japan.  The more well known Kobe beef.  The other beef from Black Cattle raised in Hyogo area of Japan.  This delicacy is known for its flavor, tenderness and marbled texture.  

The master use of cutlery 
The highlight of the evening, is watching the master chef’s cooking skills.   It’s an athletic demonstration as our chef precisely utilizing the several tools to cut, mix and serve, the vegetables, meats, and rice. You watch all in amazement as you can hear and smell the food cook right in front of you.  You get a real education in the food and how to properly cook.  
Preparing the Rice

So what if this is the most expensive dinner one has ever paid for?  The entertainment value and not to mention the most delicious meat you will ever eat, it well worth the experience.  You sit right in front of the "action".  You develop a report with the chef and learn about the meats and many other things about Kyoto and the Chef's experiences.  An incredible night of learning and enjoying.  
Main Course
Perfect Portions
Rice Course
Raspberry Sorbet
The Chef says good-bye
The custom of saying thank you and bowing to the customer
It's nice sometimes to just sit back and relax, see the "action" occur right in front of you.  Pick up the camera when something interesting happens, then just sit back again and enjoy the meal. This was a fun AND delicous event to photograph.   Images made on a Panasonic Lumix G5, available light.  Last image made on a iPhone 11

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