Saturday, December 07, 2019

The Seven Tips on Finding an Event Photographer

There are many photographers you can choose from.........
.....Finding the right photographer for you and your events should not be stressful.  Follow these suggestions:
  1. Review the photographer's portfolio on their website and view their social media posts. Has the photographer shot situations similar to what you expect.  You can meet the photographer or initiate a phone conversation or get a recommendation.  Does the photographer seem to fully absorb your needs: available logistics, the venue, the personalities of your and event attendees and VIPs?
    Speaker at FIO Conference, Washington, DC
  2. Event details may seem similar, but the special circumstances can vary.  Has the photographer worked with elected officials, CEOs, diplomats and VIPs?  Can they follow standard and specialized protocols? Experienced with working with staffers and security personnel?  Does the photographer's body of work show consistantly high level images of members and guests?
  3.  Every event has surprises.  How will the photographer address variations?  Discuss with the photographer the kinds of challenges that can be expected as part of your pre-hire interview. 
    Meet and Greet for IDC
    Rep. Joe Kennedy with Mother Olga of the Sacred Heart
  4. Look for flexible, go-with-flow personality.  The more your photographer can alert you to the kinds of variation to expect, the more you can concentrate of other areas of event concerns.  Your photographer should solve problems for you rather than dump them back into your lap.  He/sh should make you look good and keep your costs as planned.  
    Vice President Pence
    Keynote Speaker, In Defense of Christians Dinner
  5. What kind of impression has your photographer made on you?  Does she/he display confidence with arrogance. Are they detailed oriented, show organization skills, seem personable, courteous, prompt, and talented?
    Awards Step and Repeat
    The Optical Society
  6. Value and Price.  An experienced event photographer will create the optimum results you require.  Once the event is over, the possible images you need are gone forever.  
  7. Hire the best photographer you can afford.  Less is never worth the headaches.  Remember the old adage, "If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait till you hire an amateur."
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