Friday, July 14, 2023

Practicing Photo Techniques: Exploring the Other Washington with a Camera


Bubbles on the Washington Coast, Seaside Beach, WA, enhanced with Lightroom. 
All Photos (c)Laurence L. Levin
Washington State July 2023—Exploring the other Washington, experimenting with photography, and traveling with friends who know what to do in the great Northwest.  Traveling provides new opportunities to witness, to document, to experience new things, and experiment and learn the features on a new camera.

Seattle Space Needle and the Sonic Bloom Sculptures. The five steel, glass, and solar powered sculptures are located in Seattle's Pacific Science Center.

On this trip used the new Nikon Z8.  Many great features, and buttons to learn to use.  The basic tenants of photography remain the same, knowing composition, how to use the metering system for right exposure, and when to snap the shutter to capture moments.  The camera technologies allow one to concentrate on these basics.  The updated version of Lightroom provides artificial intelligence to enhance specific areas of the photo. 

Downtown Seattle from the Bainbridge Ferry. Waited for the boat to dock. Enhanced with Lightroom.

So, if all this technology allows anyone to take photos, why would you hire a photographer to cover your event?  When you engage an experienced professional, you get:

·      Someone who has the high-end equipment that can get the job correctly done.

·      Ability to cover a wide range of situations that gives you a choice of images.

·      Consistently produce storytelling images of moments that matter throughout your event.

·      Know how to work with people, treat everyone like a VIP, and be a good representative of you and your organization.

·      Editing, adjusting, and enhancing your images properly. 

·      Maintain a high level of quality and professionalism under pressure.

Find a photographer who enjoys what they do and would be a good member of your team!

Composition matters. The new Rainier Square office and apartment building. A recent Opal Award winner because of its innovative construction technique. Speedcore is a construction method that cuts construction time in half, saving millions of $$$.

Photographing people is a collaborative process. For the subject, knowing how to pose is just as important as the photographer's ability to compose for the moment. My longtime friend Nancy at the beach.

It's always about the moment. Capture those precious times. Friends Nancy, Mark and Bart.

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