Thursday, May 16, 2019

Indiana University Alumni Event

Keynote Speaker Lisa Pratt
May16--Library of Congress--Washington, DC--When you get to an event and notice the podium is placed at a glass wall and the sun is setting.  With no additional lighting, you have to understand how to make the proper camera adjustments to get good exposures.  It was a great speaker, IU Professor and Alum, Lisa Pratt, who is the NASA Planetary Protection Officer.  A full audience to hear her talk about space and the galaxy.

After shooting plenty of images to make sure there were several quality images, you could see how the light was glowing on the audience.  Soft lighting and golden hour light made the images of several individuals as well as the audience look special.

All images made with a Nikon Z6.

Rick Van Kooten, IU Executive Dean
Sallie Jo Mitzell, President, College Alumni Board
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