Friday, August 24, 2018

Trump image in New York Times

New York Times July 26, 2018
August 24--During the NBC show season 2 of The Apprentice, I was the set photographer for 11 days.  Got to stay at a wonderful hotel around the corner from Trump Tower.  The job was to photograph all the on air content during taping.  Spent time with Trump executives, George and Carolyn.  Both were impressive in their intelligence and friendliness.  Watching the contestants in the game was interesting.  The job was to document and be a "fly on the wall", thus did not have much interaction with contestants or the staff.

It started yesterday, receiving emails from news organizations requesting rights and usage for the image of Allen Weissellberg, Donald Trump and Carolyn Keptcher. Originally the story appeared in The New York Times in July 26th.  The photo was made in Central Park, New York City during a description of an upcoming task for the contestants.  When the photographs were made didn't really know who all the characters were.  The captioning was left to the production company.

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