Sunday, August 26, 2018

American John McCain

Senator John McCain
Senator McCain relaxed and at ease, listening to a question. 
In 2014, on assignment for the Middle East Institute, Senator John McCain presented his world views to the conference.  Maybe not the most iconic image of the senator, but it was the imaged that branded the event for the organization.  Senator McCain was a respected statesman on both sides of the aisle.  He said it as it was, maybe everyone didn't agree with some of his stances, but he respected others and their opinion.  A smart and insightful thinker, he provided a sense of fairness that he had the best interests of the American people and our country.  America First.

When he ran for president, I was a worker for the photo gallery during the Republican National Convention. In my opinion, McCain seemed to be a forceful and viable candidate.  Until he made his vp selection.  It went all downhill for me.  However, over the years as a Senator, I realized his greatness.

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