Monday, May 23, 2016

DCP Productions GEICO Casey Mears Part 2

May 23--Darlington, SC--DCP Productions for GEICO commercial with Casey Mears.  Big lights, when you work with the best crew, you have incredible situations.  Huge lights throughout the track, properly color balanced, made my job easier.
Camera Rig Set-UP
Panning the action 
The Russian Arm
The length photographers go to get a photograph.  This image was made from the upper stands away from the video camera set-up.  Had to walk in total darkness through the stadium, under a tunnel....I know there were bats.....and walk up to the top level of the bleachers.  Wish those darn fence posts weren't there, but you get the idea of the Russian Arm capturing the Number 13 car.  Photographed with a Nikon D810 Nikkor 28-120mm  1/640 second.

After so many years photographing Casey,
 I think he has warmed up to the camera. 
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