Wednesday, November 30, 2011

GEICO/DCP Productions Hockey 75 years ago

November 2011--Maryland--The set of the commercial Hockey 75 Years Ago produced by DCP Productions for GEICO. Creating the set of a hockey game in the 1930s: wire screen barriers, wool uniforms, and no helmets.......
Director Don Cherel...preps for the fight.
The Fight!!
The press photographer with the 4x5 camera.
The vintage look, fog and "sepia" light.
Vintage clothing, authentic look.

Photo notes: Making production stills on a film set is a delicate dance. Working with each department, documenting as many aspects of the production as possible, takes quick actions and staying out of the way. Knowing when to make an image and being a team member is vital. The lighting is designed for the latitude of film. Thus it does present problems for digital photography but knowing how to meter and choosing an exposure (& ISO) helps to make good images.

Photographs copyright 2011 Laurence L. Levin

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