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Top Tips When Hiring an Event Photographer

Senate Hearing on Alzheimer's 

Bosses, co-workers, members, clients, and constituencies judge images immediately.  Photos must capture attention, inform, and be remembered for their positive impressions.  Superior photography is vital for press releases, social media posts, newsletters, brochures, to market future events, also photos make nice mementos for event attendees. Here are some important aspects in hiring an event photographer. 


Choose Wisely 

A seasoned photographer is able to make consistent and technically excellent images in difficult situations.  Find a photographer who is flexible, creative and can positively represent your organization. She/He must be expert in photographic composition, lighting, and postproduction while remaining personable and diplomatic in relationships with your VIPs and attendees.  


Make Lists

Envision your needs ahead of time.  The types of images you need include individuals making presentations, group shots, audience reactions, product demonstrations, events, vendor booths, people working, award presentations, meet & greets and red-carpet events.  Think about staging, coordinating schedules so that all the right people are present for the photo, and timing (don’t schedule must need photos at the same time.)


Ensuring the final photo’s success requires effective communication of your visual needs and objectives.  Your image professional should assist you in developing “shot lists” and understand your “show flow.”   Timing and knowledge of what is going to happen helps to get every photo you need.  


Additionally, do your plans require specific graphical formats for publication? Let the photographer know your art director’s needs.  


Experience Counts

Your image pro’s experience can be critical to you in controlling the quality of the final delivered images.  Knowing how to solve last minute problems is a vital skill.

The photographer should approach event subjects journalistically. Images should appear “in the moment” rather than “contrived.”


Behind the scenes

Make certain your hired professional can function in chaotic situations while remaining unobtrusive at your event.  


The photographer should have the latest professional equipment.  Better files, color and image quality improve with the updated models.  Another aspect to the photographer is their ability to provide post-production of your final images.  

All files out the camera need adjustments to enhance quality.  


Details Matter

An experienced event photographer offers advance guidance to all aspects of the event. Helping people in the photos look their best. Working each situation to provide picture options.  Helping to determine if your staging is well lit or provide suggestions for better backgrounds.  High quality source lighting overcomes some challenging conditions, but pre-awareness of potential areas of difficulty ensures the most dependable result. 


Staging for a Panel Discussion

Will your event feature panel discussions? Using a backdrop? A clean background with your company branding can be a good investment.  Please when ordering it get a matte finish to minimize reflections. Have table distractions relating to expert panels been minimized?  Are microphones available in non-reflective materials? 

Panel Discussions:
clean backgrounds, non-distracting microphones and quality lighting


Delivering the quality of images, you deserve requires a photographer who understands what goes into planning and execution to provide you with exceptional images from your event.  


Your hired pro should respond in a timely manner, solve problems, and overcome challenges. Expect the unexpected and knowing how to deal with those situations is what the best image pros do.  Your choice will have the experience to capitalize on special moments that exceed your expectations and make your event memorable. 


Please send me your comments with your experiences and happy to answer any questions. 


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