Saturday, September 01, 2018

Why You Need a Professional Portrait

Shot for The Optical Society 
In a time not so long ago, but somehow eons away, control of personal images and of positive impressions that reflect your personal brand was easy.  It was a time “Before Social Media.”  Today, all kinds of casual images can emerge from almost anywhere “on the Internet.” 

These new technological developments demand you take action to assure that the dominant images of the professional person you are reflect a brand you feel comfortable broadcasting to the world.  You need to control your professional images (as much as possible) whenever a potential new business partner searches your name on the web.

Shot for Success Magazine
Top-quality professional portraits are critical investments that help define your professional uniqueness and career status. Think about the internet and about other locations your image will likely appear.   You should control “first impressions” that brand you as trustworthy, capable and personable. The images should make you feel confident.  A professionally produced image can silently proclaim your best personal brand and your company’s embrace of great customer service.  

Professional images allow the caring, trusting, friendly, professional person you are to shine through. These can be used with publications, in marketing materials, on professional websites, while using social media, and as part of professional profiles. 

Clients and employers, today, are visually literate. They absorb good photography.  Random, low-quality images shot without care, translate to impressions that shout a lack of detail awareness, unprofessionalism, and careless definition of your professional brand.  Potential new employers or possible new business partners can be needlessly frightened away.  

Shot for
German American Business Council
Your quality portrait (at least every other year) underscores your up-to-date approach to your brand.  It is recommended you locate a top professional photographer. Examine their catalog of work. Interview them to assure they are friendly, flexible, professional, and fun to be around.  

Flexibility is especially vital. Arranging photo shoot(s) can be logistically challenging. Do they listen to your needs?  Do they make suggestions about how to achieve your goals? 

Having your photo made can be stressful, but working with a photographer who displays a fun personality and shows necessary patience can make the experience a positive one.  

Negotiate a fair price for your images.  Avoid unpleasant surprises, but always remember you get what you pay for.   The price you pay is for the experience, expertise and specialized equipment of your chosen photographic artist.  He or she shapes how the world sees your “best first impression.” 

'LinkedIn'  portraits made at a conference
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Larry Levin works as freelance as a photographer, photographing portraits and events, conferences and meetings for for corporate, association, and NGO clients in Washington, DC. (and wherever people send him.)  

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